Hello and welcome to The Garden Menu, I’m Anna. I’m here to share vegan cooking that’s delicious, satisfying and easy to make.

I’ve grown up with a love of food; whether it was devouring my mum’s lentil spaghetti, reading recipe books, watching cookery programmes or growing vegetables. I was brought up vegetarian and made the decision to turn vegan with my partner earlier this year. At this moment I have never been more passionate about the food I’m cooking. I wanted to use this space to share this journey with others… I was taking pictures of the food I make anyway!

I want these vegan recipes to be for everyone; to show off varied, colourful, nutritious and satisfying dishes. I hope you will enjoy them, whether you are vegan or vegetarian, having a meatfreemonday or just wanting to shake things up and try something different. 

Come say hello on Instagram where I post daily or Twitter, I’m @thegardenmenu for both

Or you can contact me on email – thegardenmenu@gmail.com




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